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Why doesn't my NavMesh Cut take effect?

I hang navMesh Cut for the protagonist of the game. When the protagonist moves, navMesh will automatically update. However, the pathfinding results of other units still passed him, which caused the NPC to hit the protagonist.

This is an example of pathfinding results:

This is my configuration:

This is the component configuration of the protagonist of the game :

This is the component configuration of npc:

To be honest, this bug has caused me great pain. Did I do something wrong?


Either your smoothing is too high, or your agent is not recalculating its path often enough. This is controlled by the AIPath/RichAI component.

I don’t use aipath or richai components, my calculation frequency is once every 0.5 seconds

which smoothing is too high?


What kind of movement script do you use then?

which smoothing is too high?

On the simple smooth modifier.