Why does the value of x move when I navigate from x5, y0?

On every update, I’m assigning a destination to AIPath.destination and running the AIPath.SearchPath() function.

When I grab the destination and move it from x5, y0 to x5, y5, it doesn’t just move the y-value, it moves the x-value as well.

Am I doing something wrong with my settings?

I’m not quite sure what you mean. Could you clarify?

This is a 2D setting.

  1. A-object position X: 5, Y: 0
  2. B-object position X: 5, Y: 5
  3. assign B-object to AIPath.destination in A-object on update and run AIPath.SearchPath() function
  4. set aiPath.SetPath(null) and aiPath.isStopped = true; before the A-object reaches the collision range of the B-object.

Predicted Movement of Object A During Progress X: 5 → 5, Y: 0 → 5
Resultant movement of A object X: 5 → 4.9~5.1, Y: 0 → 5

This is the resulting movement when the RVOController is enabled.


If the agent was rotated, then it might move away from the line a bit until it has corrected its rotation.
The AILerp movement script will move exactly along the calculated path.

The rotation option is not turned on.