Why does it seem like my AIPath's radius is not working? - 2D

What I want to happen here is that the smaller collider can pass through the tight space, and the larger collider should find another path that it can navigate through. Is it possible without making custom code?

This is the AIPath of my enemy:

And this is the Pathfinder (Grid Graph):

Okay, I saw the solution, which is to use Multiple Agent Types. But the problem is, I don’t know how to do it. I tried doing it like in the documentation, but my agent went to position zero when I ran the game.


Could you try disabling any other agents and then just check if the boss agent has any failed path calculations?

Also. I’d recommend not using Seeker → Start End Modifier → Snapping = NodeConnection on a recast graph. Use ClosestOnNode instead. NodeConnection technically works on a recast graph, but it’s almost never what you want.

Btw. I didn’t see a graph being generated for the recast graph? Are you sure that’s working correctly?