Why does adding a collider to a gameobject with AIPath stop it from finding a path?

I am trying to add a collider to a gameobject that is using AIPath to move towards a target on a GridGraph. The collider is for physics separate from the pathfinding.

When I add a collider of a certain size, the gameobject no longer moves because it does not find a path. When I leave the collider at the default 1x1x1, it works fine. However, when I increase the size, it does not work.

The object I am trying to add the collider to is a gameobject with many children gameobjects with meshes.

What might be the problem here?



Make sure that collider is excluded from the height testing and collision testing masks in the grid graph settings. Otherwise the NPC will be treated as an obstacle.

Thanks. I just edited my question after further testing, but that sounds like it is it.

I added the NPC layer to the collision mask, and set the height map to everything except the NPC layer. The path is now working.

However, when I render the graph as a Gizmo, path edges dont show up. Instead there are the red cubes. Why doesn’t the graph create normal nodes?

Red cubes means that those nodes are unwalkable. There is some obstacle detected near those nodes or the graph could not find any ground.

See http://arongranberg.com/astar/docs/getstarted.php