Which graph and settings to use

I need a help with settings.
I have a project with walls which can go down and by this let bot to go through.
The problem is I dont know which graph and settings to use to let my bots know that at this moment where is no wall in your direction, but 1 second later where is a wall, so recalculted path in Seeker script see it too.
Now I use a recast graph as it is shown in Door example. But looks like my Seeker dont understand that walls which were at the start (as far I understand at scanning moment) now are disappered, so bot can go where they were.

So, here is walls before start:

And here we see, that bot stucked, it doesnt make new route, couse it thinks that where are a walls everywhere:

So, I guess that I make something wrong or maybe everything. :frowning:

And I must say that my project is for Android build.


Are you using a hexagonal graph?
If so, you will need to modify the connections of the graph manually to take care of those doors.
There’s nothing built-in that can detect doors between nodes like that.
See also Documentation