Which files are required?

Hi there!
I got the PRO version a couple of days ago and I’m really really happy with everything. I’m building a mobile game and while I liked the pre-built functionality like AIPath and so forth, I ended up writing my own movement and dynamic avoidance scripts which are a bit more basic but still use your Grid Graph and Pathing system. I’m now trying to clean up my project files and I was wondering which files I still need to keep from the entire package (ex: I can probably delete the entire ExampleScenes folder). So here’s what I’m using:

  • All of my agents use the Seeker and Raycast Modifier scripts
  • My movement script is using Pathfinding;
  • I use the Astar Path script with a Grid Graph
    And that’s it!

Lastly, are there any license or legal aspects that I need to be aware of while using your system or since I bought it I can use it in my own projects without any constraints or royalties.

Thanks again for the awesome work! :grinning:

P.S. - This is the game that I’m building solo and I’m hoping to have a new update which will include your system by the end of March: http://www.tomeofheroes.com/


The example scenes folder can be excluded (though it does contain some nice scripts which you may want to use).
If you enable ASTAR_NO_ZIP under the Optimizations tab you can delete the Pathfinding.Ionic.Zip.dll (though this will make stored graph data larger, and you will have to reconfigure your graph settings).
After that it will be trickier to exclude larger parts of the package. You could probably remove most of the RVO stuff, but there may be stray references to it from other scripts.

All licenses for 3rd party packages are in the AstarPathfindingProject/Plugins directory, but they should be very permissive. This package can be used in any of your own projects as long as you don’t distribute the source code for it or resell the package itself.

Looks like a cool game!
Let me know when you have released it and I can add your game to the list of games that use the A* Pathfinding Project on the package website if you want! :slight_smile:

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Great, will do, thank you!