Where is the turn based example

Howdy! Im working on a turn based hex game with a point graph and I’m trying to find the turn based example scene but I’m not finding it. Im using the latest (4.0.10 I believe). Is it missing from the release or is it only included in pro?


Yes, it seems the turnbased example scene is only included in the pro version at the moment though. I am not sure why I did that though since I think all features used in that scene are available in the free version. If it turns out that there are no pro features that the scene used, I will probably add it to the free version in the next update.

Right on! Anyway you could send it my way? If not when do you think the next update will be out.

The package is in a semi-broken state right now unfortunately as I have been changing a lot of stuff, but I hope to release at least a beta within a week.

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I have released a beta now with these changes. The turn based example scene should be included in it.

It seems the turn based example did depend on pro version features after all. I had forgot about that.
It uses the ConstantPath type to visualize how far agents can move. Unfortunately I had to remove the turn based example from the free version again in 4.1.1 as it was causing compiler errors.