What should i do for making good path in recast graph with using tiles option?

I’m using Recast Graph with the Use Tiles option.

When I create a path using the ABPath.Construct function, I got a path very bypassed.
(When I saw Seeker’s Gizmo)

Better than before with Funnel Modifier, but still detours.
What should I do? Is it bug?

ps. When I used Recast Graph without the Use Tiles option, It gave me the good path with funnel modifier…


Firstly, I’d recommend increasing the border edge length. The default is 20, I believe. In your case, it has lead to a lot more triangles than is necessary.

Secondly. You can try upgrading to the beta version. The pathfinding algorithm has been tweaked significantly for navmesh/recast graphs and is a lot more accurate there.

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