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What I set wrong? vol. 2

Hi, I have generated Recast graph, as shown on the screen below. Looks like A* and Funnel are calculating everything correctly, but the final path is unnatural and just looks bad during execution. Seems like additional split of the triangle with target would fix the problem.
Is there anything that could be done better during graph generation, or I need to fix graph manualy?

good to see I am not the only one with the same issue… but for sure it is the same as mine “vol. 1” :slight_smile: In your case is well visible, that optimal way is straight start-target line…


Due to how pathfinding on triangle meshes work it sometimes doesn’t calculate the most optimal path. The RichAI component does some post-processing of the path to simplify it (if “Funnel Simplification” is enabled) and help avoid these issues. Make sure you are using 4.2.9 or higher as that version improved this functionality a bit.