What graph to use for mostly empty space

I am making a game where most of the space is empty. There will be some obstacles, but it’s like 90% empty. Think of the old arcade game where you fly a plane watching from above. So the player is on y 0, and can only move in x and z.

I have 2 questions.

  1. What graph is best to use for mostly empty space? Does it make a difference if the graph is attached to the player?
  2. Can I get a graph to mark empty space as walkable?

I know I can make a plane or something like that to act as ground on y 0. Is that the best way of setting everything to walkable except for obstacles?

So there is a make unwalkable when no ground is found checkbox that fixes question nr 2.


The recast graph handles large empty areas better. But unless your world is huge I would not worry about it and just use the graph that fits your other constraints better.

The grid graph seems to work nicely and it updates quickly when using procedural grid mover. So I am sticking to that for now.

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