What does the rotation field do for recast graphs?

What is the rotation field for? When loading a graph from the cache, it doesn’t rotate. It can be worked around by either recalculating it or using GraphTransform, but I’m curious what the rotation is actually for. The docs only says “Rotation of the graph in degrees”.


The rotation field rotates the whole bounding box of the graph. See picture:

What do you mean by “it doesn’t rotate?” I checked that, at least in the beta version, the rotation is preserved when saving & loading from cache.

I mean if I scan the scene with 0 rotation, load it, and then rotate it, the navmesh doesn’t rotate. But I guess that is the bounding box in which the graph is generated, not the local transform of the graph itself as I expected (which I think would make more sense)


If you want to rotate the graph after loading it, then you’ll need to call the RelocateNodes function: NavmeshBase - A* Pathfinding Project, otherwise it will only take effect once you re-scan your graph.

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