Weird pathing using richAI on recast graph & rvo

Greetings, and thanks for great asset first of all. Using pro 4.3.40 beta
I have recast graph with units using richAI and containing RVO controllers
While trying to implement unit surround mechanic ran into weird pathing issue, that can be seen as isolated as i could record it (i disabled my seek behaviour for that specific unit for the sake of video, so nothing could interfere with manual move order)

So issue is - there is clear straight path to point which i ordered unit to move to, and enough free space near that point, but it decides to go around big bunch of other units (sometimes not even stopping after doing that circle), those attacking units are rvo.locked if that matters . Tried whatever i could but ran out of ideas what could be causing that and kinda stuck for a few weeks :frowning: If you need any more detailed info or any settings, i can provide

Same problem happens with my behaviours enabled, when units search for free space around unit, they find it, trying to go there (there is enough space, and there is valid path to that destination), but then start to move in circles around, like something prevents them from going there. Moreso, in that case, multitarget path seems to return not closest path valid free spot from array of provided ones.


That’s odd. I think it could potentially happen if the point you clicked cannot actually be moved to by the agent (because it is too close to a locked agent). In that case it will try to go around. Do you think this might be happening here?

Might be. Though it shouldn’t, as by idea - if there is enough space between two locked agents to place another one, it should be able to go there. Is there any way to fix / adjust that kind of behavior using some settings to test it?

Also, forgot to mention - when that circling around happens, sometimes moving unit ‘slides’ with slow speed around other locked units, like it’s trying to move a bit through their edge but can’t.