Weird interaction with Funnel and Radius modfiers

Hi, i have some strange behavior when finding path with seeker then applying to it Funnel and Radius modifiers to it. It goes a little outside of navmesh. Works like this both in latest asset store version and beta

With no radius modifier it works fine, but i’m trying to setup it so it will find path in the middle of the road and it works great excepts for this case and others like it.

Here’re my modifiers and navmesh settings. (Yes, we have very small scene)

For some reason imgur took down images. So uploading here

And settings


The radius modifier only does a simple radius and offset from the post processed corners in the path. It doesn’t know about the rest of the navmesh, so a big radius can make it go outside the path. It was originally created for the grid graph where one can guarantee that this will never happen by just making the radius a most half a grid tile.
So unfortunately it’s not that easy to solve this :confused: I would recommend increasing the ‘character radius’ field on the recast graph instead.