Weird AI movement

Hello, I’m using Recast graph and controlling agent with Rich AI. I’m using 4.3.51 beta, Sometimes my agent moves weirdly. They stop at some point at point before continuing their movement.
Here’s an link
Buggy Movement 1 - YouTube
Another problem is sometimes they rotate 360Degree before they move forward see how 2nd customer rotates before entering in the shop.
Buggy Movement 2 - YouTube
Can you please tell me how to solve this, Do I need to share more details with you ?

Looks to me like the acceleration/deceleration factor

Can you explain more about it.

Look at RichAi.cs and ctrl + F for acceleration and slowdown time. Acceleration is how fast you get up to speed, and slowdown time is how long to slow down before reaching the next destination. You should set slowdown time to 0.0f if you don’t want the AI to stop at each node.