We have a few questions regarding the A*Pathfinding

Hi there!

  1. Is it possible to create a custom node logic (the GraphNodes used in your project are C# classes rather than MonoBehaviour, and I need to give the game designer the ability to dynamically control all their parameters without having to write code on their side, for example, controlling the walkable parameter by changing it through the event inspector or when the node is overlapped by a collider)?
  2. Is it possible to make movement in one direction between nodes (for example, there are nodes A and B, and from node A you can get to B, but from B to A the path is blocked)?
    Thank you!


  1. It is possible to create custom node types, but I would strongly recommend that you use regular graph updates for this. Take a look at Graph Updates during Runtime - A* Pathfinding Project It’s not as simple as just flipping a boolean. If a node’s walkability is changed, the package needs to recalculate a lot of metadata about connected regions, connections and obstacles.

  2. Yes, either using code, or using off-mesh links. But if you will leave some islands impossible to get to due to one-way links, I would recommend using the beta version, as it handles that better.

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