Walls & floor unwalkable but outside dungeon is walkable

Hey all I’m trying to use this asset with my 2D game but for some reason it doesn’t seem to work correctly, the walls, corners and floors are unwalkable but the outside of the level (where no sprites are) is walkable, I have tried diffrent node sizes, sometimes it makes nothing walkable sometimes everything, I have added the corrct layers to the walls, corners and floor as well as masking “walls and corners” in the settings, any ideas?

AStar Path Settings Screenshot
Level Screenshot

Side note: my scene has a VERY large amount of wall, corner and floor sprites because I am using Dungeonizer to generate the level.


I think I found out why it’s happening but I have NO CLUE how I can workaround it.

With all wall colliders enabled:

With 1 wall collider disabled:

Seems like because the dungeon is completely closed up it can’t find a way in therefore it isn’t walkable? Any ideas?


The different colors just signify different connected components of the graph. I.e it has detected that it is not possible to reach the blue area from the red area and vice versa. Both areas are walkable however. The red cubes you can see signify unwalkable nodes. This is also mentioned in the get started tutorial.

That’s great, thanks!