Walkable walls. Is it possible?

Hi Aron. I readed the post “Walking on walls”, but my English level and unity level are a little amateur (not programming, this is my job :wink: ).
So I am interested that the navmesh covers the walls and the roofs, so permits the ia move all the area.
How could it be possible? Making my own 3d model and applying the mesh to a NavMeshGraph?


You can do this as you describe or if you have the pro version the layered grid graph and the recast graph supports it out of the box.

Hi Aron.

I have the pro version. So is there any video or text tutorial to do this?


Oh wait. I think I misread your question. When you say that it should cover the walls and roofs, do you mean that it should be able to walk on the walls and on the roof (upside down)? Sort of like spiderman.
If so, that is unfortunately not supported by this package in any way except by making your own custom 3d navmesh (and even then, the included movement scripts don’t really support it, so you would have to write your own).