Walk inside a mesh(house)

How can I make it enter inside a mesh(house), the mesh has no doors blocking the entrances.

You shouldn’t have to do that, just mark the layer House for collision testing and not for height testing~

collision testing is for finding obstacles:
height testing is for finding walkable ground:

With what type of graph?

If it is a grid graph, make sure the roof is not in a layered considered to be ground in the grid graph settings.

So I would need to divide my mesh into multiple pieces?

Works if the floor is roughly around the y-coordinate of the world ground.

Its a grid graph, I tried what you said Burdock with no sucess, it just keeps avoiding the house. Here is a print of the house if it helps:

Ah, well sense the floor is attached to the house, you will either need to splice the coliders and mask the floor ~
Or you can make an invisible floor and walls for the house with simple geometry and have the house not use coliders

If you would like, you can post your scene and I can fix it :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s what I did, thanks for the help.