Viable solution for my 3d gravity project?


Sorry for making a whole forum post for just a quick question, but seems to be the only way to get in contact.

I was using Unity’s navmesh on my project to auto drive a vehicle over to my player character from far away, then I decided to switch to 3d spherical gravity (mario galaxy style) & see that it’s not doable with Unity’s navmesh anymore.

I saw this ^ forum post where someone had figured out a solution & you later noted how you were working on making it a standard feature? Just wondering if this got past the beta phase & is in the Unity pro package, or if I buy the pro version, will I still need to download the beta.

A also just in general, would this setup theoretically work for my vehicle auto navigating to the player over the surface of a sphere?



It is currently still in a separate branch as a beta, but it should work well if you want to move an agent over a spherical surface. Keep in mind however that the movement scripts included in the package are all intended for characters and not wheeled vehicles, so the movement behavior may not be what you are looking for (you can always write a custom movement script though).

Yeah, I prefer forum posts actually so that other people with similar questions can find answers more easily.

Ok cool thanks, I’ll give it all a try.