Very distorted path for some reason

I use release version, not beta.

I am sending this unit to the nearest point near the object (barrel) yet the unit complicates its path a lot. there are few navmesh cuts, but they are not realy blocking. (on the video above problems start at 0.38)

Any suggestion to improve that?

Is there a way to generate straight path lines:


The funnel modifier is typically used on navmesh/recast graphs to smooth out the path.

Also. Your tile size looks tiny. For better performance, you may want to increase it a bit. Typical tile size values are 64, 128 or 256 voxels.

@aron_granberg I figured that Funnel option Split At Every Portal makes it a lot more straight.

As for the tile size, making it bigger results in small unwalkable zones here and there, considering my agent radius is 0.3, they cant reach many small corners

That’s odd.
The SplitAtEveryPortal should not make it more straight at all. If anything, it will be less straight as it takes the y coordinate into account more.

Making the tile size larger also shouldn’t introduce unwalkable zones… :thinking: Are you sure you didn’t change the cell size?