Version for Unity 3.5.7f6?

'Hoy there!

I saw that the current version only works with Unity 4.3+, and said to ask here for a previous version. Could I get one for 3.5.7?



If you go to the download page, you can copy the link that the download buttons link to. They will end in something like “master_Pro”, change that to “astarpro” (or "astarfree) and access the link, that will give you version which I think works on unity 3.5.7.

Thanks for the response, Aron. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work.

I’m setting the address to “”, but it still downloads the latest version.

Make sure you delete the AstarPathfindingProject folder before importing the package.

[EDIT] Looking at the timestamp, it actually seems to be the latest version.
Try “astardev” instead. That requires that you use the pro download link however.

Just ? That one gives me a 404.

Do you have the pro version?

If so, you can go to the download page, copy the link from the download button and replace “master_Pro” with “astardev”.

Nah; I was aiming to grab the free one for now.