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V4.3.60 = RVO getting caught on edges

I had upgraded from 4.3.49 to 4.3.60, and I’m now having issues with AIPath/RVOControllers getting stuck on the edges of a grid graph. Aron, you had mentioned there were issues on obstacle edge issues in 4.3.60. Is there anyway for me to test that this is this bug or something else?

My concern is I’ve been on hold from patching the game waiting for the next release. My concern is if I assume it’s this issue, and it isn’t, it could be another month + to get this issue reported and corrected in the following update.


Image of issue, you can see the purple line he is stuck on from the RVOController debug.


I’ve released version 4.3.61 which has some fixes for the local avoidance. Could you try it out and see if that solves the problem for you?

I just tried the new version, and unfortunately it still seems to happen. It seems to mostly occur on steeper slope (with in the max slope setup for the grid graph).

I made a video to show the RVO debug lines they are getting caught up on. After they get stuck, I’ll toggle off/on the RVO controller, to have them move on path and then get caught at the next point.

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Any thoughts on this Aron?

I’ve reverted back to 4.3.49 for now. Any thoughts on this issue Aron?

Sorry for the late reply. I still haven’t been able to replicate this :frowning:

Do you have an example scene or an easy way to replicate the issue?

Bummer, I can certainly empathize with being unable to reproduce every issue people have. Unfortunately what is in place here is part of a massive game. It will take quite a few hours to reproduce it in a simple example project. When I can get free time to make a example, I’ll do that.