Using the X axis as the forward axis instead of the Y axis in 2D?

Is it possible? My game doesn’t really work when using the Y+ direction as the substitute for Z+. I’d want Vector2.right to be the forward direction for everything, but I can’t get A* to work with it, since it only allows Y+ as the forward axis. I tried messing with the code, but to no awail. Does anyone know how to do this?

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This is not currently possible out of the box. Why is it that you need the X axis to be the forward axis? If it is a sprite that needs to be rotated correctly, you can simply put it in a child object and rotate that object 90 degrees.

I have this same problem, and while I could simply rotate the sprite or the object as a child, I’d really prefer forwards to be X+ out of consistency. My player object has a forward vector to the right, and I assume this is convention too, considering that Transform.LookAt by default uses the right as the forwards direction (unless worldUp is specified). Trying to tinker with the code at the moment to allow for this, but it’s pretty tricky. Please implement this by default soon!


I’m pretty sure that Transform.LookAt uses the standard unity convention of having the +Z direction as the forward direction. For 2D I don’t there is a strong convention either way.