Using tags on prefabs, tags not showing upon scan


I’m working on a project that needs a variety of different paths to have different weights and penalties. In this project the player will be constructing different types of roads and structures, and vehicles will need to move along the roads that correspond with their type. Aircraft need to prefer taxiways, and ground vehicles need to prefer roads.

As I started working on this, the tag system seemed to be a natural fit for this problem, but I can’t get the A* scan to recognize the sections tagged differently in gameobjects. I initially thought I could put a GraphUpdateScene on each road section with a unique tag, copy and paste that road section to form a network above a differently tagged surface, and then scan it to get those tags working.

When I scan though the roads do not show as differently tagged items or even as areas, so I’m wondering what I’m doing wrong of if I am fundamentally misunderstanding how those objects work with GraphUpdateScene.

Is there a better solution to this problem of multiple different build-able road types in A*?

Thanks for the help and happy to elaborate further if anyone has questions.


Do you have any screenshots of your setup? Also, which graph type are you using?