Using rigidbody and RVO causes bounce

I know the page on local avoidance said not to have a rigidbody but I need one for triggers to work. It seems to work fine with a kinematic rigidbody (as well it should, as far as I understand the kinematic setting) but now there is a small bounce when the character goes through a door.
I have confirmed that this is because of the rigidbody, no bounce when I remove it, but it still doesn’t make sense. There is nothing extra going on at doors, they just open, the navmesh is entirely flat… (0 allowed slope and climb, and I checked visually, it’s flat). It should act the same as in the middle of a room.


Possibly unrelated, why does the RVO controller sink slightly through the floor? In the video you can see I offset it so the spheres are lower than the mesh, so it keeps the mesh at the right height. Maybe that’s why it bounces… still, without a rigidbody it’s still sunk but doesn’t bounce.

Also unrelated, I can’t get RichAI to work. AIPath works (using it currently) but RichAI just does… nothing. No errors either.

Oh yeah I just realized, I am using the beta,… could be important :slight_smile:


The RVOController uses raycasting to determine the position of the ground, so my guess is that there is a collider there somewhere which is a bit higher up than the rest of the floor.
As for sinking through the floor, same thing, I would guess that the floor colliders are slightly lower than the actual floor mesh.

Not really sure why you can’t get the RichAI to work… Have you tried looking at the example scenes?

Yeah the doors had colliders that weren’t supposed to be there. They made the guys temporarily go at the correct height.
Now the only collider is one that stretches the entire floor, it is at the exact same height as the door colliders were, but the RVO sinks lower.

Screenshot, orthographic

See the green lines, top of the box collider is the same height as the floor, and the RVO sphere is lower.