Using Node Link in Layer Grid Graph


I am trying to implement a house scenario with multiple floors. In my project there is only a need of visualizing a nice path nothing else.
For that reasons it I choose the Layer Grid Graph as a base. That works fine for using stairs or similar things. Now there is a need of using connections between floors with elevators.

I was not able to use NodeLink (or NodeLink2 resp. NodeLink3) for that use case, since AddConnection is not implemented in LayerGridGraph. Does anyone has an idea if it is possible to do this with NodeLinks or with anything else?

Cheers Georg


Sorry, that is not possible at the moment with a layered grid graph ( I will add it to my todo list).
If you can do some coding I don’t think it should be very hard to port the corresponding code from GridNode to LevelGridNode, it is mostly a copy-paste job.

Thank you for your fast reply! Good to know that it is possible to port it to LevelGridNode. I’ll try it in the next days.

Hi georg,

Have you managed to implement this by any chance? I have the same situation and would love if this works!

aron, any timeframe on this?

Yes, it was like aron said mostly a copy-paste job of the right parts. Unfortuantely I don’t have access to the code anymore, sorry.

Thanks georg for replying. I decided to stick with Grid Graphs until Aron implements this. (Hopefully Soon) Aron? :stuck_out_tongue: