Using localphysics instead of physics

Is there an easy way for AstarPath to use local physicsscene instead of normal physics when determening collisions? I am using multiple additive scenes for my multiplayer game, and i am simulating my own physics, which means Physics.raycast does not work and i am using PhysicsScene.raycast everywhere else. When i am trying to recalculate a part of my grid, the AstarPath does not “see” the obsticles due to this issue.

Have been searching around the documentation, and can not seem to find an option to choose physics mode.


This is not possible right now, I’m afraid. :confused:

sorry to necro this, but id like to +1 this feature. A toggle that lets the scanner use gameObject.scene.GetPhysicsScene/2D() instead of the static API.

Im sure you use it with jobs too, which also support local physics.
strike that, im not sure if thats true. but nonetheless, even using non-jobified raycasts to accomplish this would be great!

Currently in 2d you can get around this with the custom grid rules, but it would be nice to have the option built in!