Using GridGraph in 2.5D


My game is 2.5D, but I am using 2D Physics.
The LayerGridGraph only seems to work with 3D Physics, so I’m trying to create separate GridGraphs for the first and second floors. The problem is that I can’t connect the two GridGraphs. Is there a way to make the split GridGraph look natural for wayfinding, like in the picture? (I’ve drawn it as if the path is broken, but the path itself doesn’t require a z-value - when the character goes through the passage, it automatically goes downstairs.)

Or is there another way to solve this problem? :melting_face:

I solved the problem myself.
I used the Link component to connect two grid graphs, but the paths didn’t come out right, so I posted a question.

I think it was because one of the transforms in the Link was in a non-walkable area.