Using AIPath for 2d project, issue with Dotween

Hey, I am using Dotween to tween the AI’s rigid body backwards causing a knockback effect, Doing this causes the AIpath to just quit and stop moving towards the target. What could i be doing wrong?


Maybe the DoTween script takes over and sets the position of the AI every frame?

How would i go about making aipath get back to work after its interupted, i enable snd disable canmove nothing only thing that works is disabling and enabling the whole game object,


Are you sure the DoTween script has stopped setting the position of the character?
Which version of the package are you using?
Since the character has moved, I think it is best if you call AIPath.CalculatePath after it has moved to make sure a new path is calculated from the new position.

Seems that DoTween has indeed stopped moving, I am Using 4.0.10 and there is no AIPath.CalculatePath method in AIPath.

Thank you,


Sorry. I remembered the name incorrectly. I meant ‘SearchPath’.

I’m not sure what could be going wrong in that case. I haven’t been able to replicate this issue.
What happens if you just disable and enable ‘canMove’ from the inspector without using DoTween at all?

This one one persistant bug Aron, Heres some more information hoping it will help you help me.

        srcBody.DOMove(pos, duration).SetId("Step");

This is what i use to move the rigidbody2D of the AI back to create a knock back effect.

This is the issue at hand. It takes a few tries to get it to occur but all im doing is calling the knock back every third hit However randomly it’ll just decide it does not want to continue the path.

This is what i call when the knockback is all complete.
Aipathvar.canMove = true;

I am seconds from just remaking my knockback to exclude dotween but i would love to know if you are able to assist me with this issue, I am no quitter!


Did you try what happens if you just disable and enable ‘canMove’ from the inspector without using DoTween at all, perhaps move it manually by dragging it in the scene view? Does it always recover in those cases?