Using A* on external server

Hey all !

I have been looking for solution to use simple but quality NavMesh on my external multiplayer server. Can i “bake” navmesh on the unity and export it outside of unity? And what formats i can use for exporting that navmesh object? How to use A* on my c# server ?

100$ isn’t much if this is something what im looking for.

Thank you in advance!


You can export the navmesh (e.g an obj file), however the pathfinding library itself requires Unity to work. I think it’s possible to run a headless Unity instance (i.e without graphics) though so you might be able to use that as a server.

Im using SharpNav Which accepts .obj files for navmesh generation. Where i can find all supported export formats on your navigation tool?

I would like to point out that SharpNav is based on the same technique as my library (the recast graphs at least, which I assume is what you want to use). So if you already have the meshes you can simply pass it to the library that you already have. But I assume you want to use my library to be able to quickly put together a scene in Unity and then use that on your server.

Only .obj files are supported at the moment (having to export the navmesh to a mesh file is very rarely necessary). It is however possible to access all vertices and triangles of the navmesh so if necessary you can grab it and output it in a custom format.
Also. SharpNav and my package have a concept of tiled navmeshes, however it is unfortunately not possible to preserve the tile information when exporting to obj files, and I am not sure if SharpNav has any way of importing that information in any case.

Yeah you got the point ! Is that .obj export on free version ? I would like to test how everything fits together.


Sorry. The obj export is for the recast graph (there are several graph types in the package) and the recast graph is only available in the pro version.
If you just want to test it out I could give you access to a preview version.

Yes that would be nice, i only need recast as sharpnav handles detouring after all. Do you need my email ?

I have sent you a PM.

I have something similar in mind. I’m working on a backend ( that should import a graph from an obj-file. May I have that preview-version too?