Using a grid graph in a 3d game?

Hi. I am evaluating this with the free version to see if it will work the way I want. Right now I am trying to get the graphs working and running into some issues.

My world is a standard completely 3d world. When I try to generate a Grid graph, this doesn’t work because of Z height, objects above blocking the graph underneath. So I broke my objects up into multiple layers, and then generated a grid graph on each layer. At first this appeared to work, but the AI can’t move between the graphs even though they are all on the same pathfinder object.

Is there a way to generate and use a single grid graph across multiple heights in a game, or a way to generate the graphs individually like I did but then combine them into one graph?

Ok just saw in the documentation that the Pro version has a layered grid graph.

Unfortunately I really wanted to evaluate the capabilities of this before purchasing if possible as we have very specific requirements to satisfy.

I will do my best to evaluate it using a standard grid for now. Thank you.


You are correct. For a layered grid graph you need the pro version. There is also the recast graph in the pro version that can handle multilayered environments (and usually if your graph is static it is a better choice).

If you have some specific requirements you could ask about them here and I can do my best to answer.

We need to be able to request a path from the system for A to B, and then interrogate that solved path for various information before blindly using it, and possibly throwing it away and choosing a different path (somehow).

Things we want to know about a path before using it:

  1. What is its combined distance
  2. What is its combined cost
  3. Which objects does it cross
  4. Which graphs does it cross
  5. Which links does it use

We also need to be able to have different links used under different conditions. In order to use a link the AI considering it would need to have certain attributes.