Upgrading to FollowerEntity

Hello there,

I’m attempting to move from using a combination of RichAI/RVO Controller/Funnel Modifier to just using the FollowerEntity. I updated to the latest beta version (4.3.91), replaced the components on my prefabs, and installed the packages that the FollowerEntity prompted for in the inspector.

However, when I start my scene and instantiate the prefabs, I’m hit with a barrage of errors. You can see it starts with a detected leak, then continues with messages about migrations and entities not existing.

Inspecting the instantiated prefabs at runtime shows that the FollowerEntity has been disabled. I’ve looked at the docs here but I don’t see anything relating to an upgrade path, is there something I may be missing here?


The root of the problem ended up being that I was setting the destination property in the Awake method of the prefabs script.


That was indeed a bug in my migration handling code when the entities package was not installed.
I will include a fix in the next update.