Upgrading to 4.1.6 Pro Breaks Seeker Pathing


I just upgraded my Astar installation to the latest Beta version available on the download page. I deleted my old AstarPathfindingProject folder, before importing the new version, to make sure its a clean install. After the install, the seekers do not seem to walk in a straight line anymore, to their destination. They seem to wobble left and right, often not making it anywhere close to their destination, and moving very slowly.

Are there any extra steps I need to take, when upgrading from the latest non beta pro version, to the latest beta pro version? Do I need to delete my AstarPathfinder object from the scene, and recreate its graphs and settings? Should remove and re-add seeker and AIPath scripts from my seekers, in order to not use any old settings?


It is my aim that everything should work after upgrading. There are some behaviors that have changed, but they shouldn’t be that significant.
Do you think you could post a screenshot of the settings you use for the AIPath scripts?

Upon further research, I think the problem might be stemming from a change in the way AIPath.velocity is being set, in the context of being accessed during Update(). If you take a look at the ThirdPersonCharacter.cs class, that comes with Unity’s standard assets, you will see a Move(Vector3 move, bool crouch, bool jump) function.

The way I currently have my code set up, I have a class extending AIPath, that uses the code within this Move function, inside a protected override void Update() instead. So each update, it gets the AIPath.velocity value, and uses that to determine the move animation. Just to be clear, I set Vector3 move = AIPath.velocity, and then use the rest of the code from the Move function. This seemed to work fine with the latest non beta version, and my character would walk to the location I clicked on.

I have rolled back for now, and will focus on reviewing this animation code, as it may just be my mess-up. However, if you are saying that things should have worked fine after the upgrade, then perhaps my feedback about the velocity value might help. As per your request, I am also attaching the settings I am using. Please let me know if I missed something important.


Ah. You do have come across one difference between 4.0 and 4.1. The velocity property in 4.1 is now the actual velocity of the agent, while in 4.0 it was the desired velocity. These will be pretty much the same when the agent moves normally, however in your case your have overridden movement and it will not work that well anymore. If you in 4.1 want to know where the agents wants to move you can use the desiredVelocity property.

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