Updating seeker.traversableTags would cause agent flashing out of current grid node

beta 4.3.79
Not sure if it is by design: First I update the grid node’s tag to 5 from 1. Then I let the agent who is in the grid node update his traversableTags = traversableTags & ~(1<<5) which means this agent could not walk on this grid node. Then immediately the agent flashes out of the grid node (not by walking out).

wonder if somewhere the AIPath checked that if he can not move on the grid node then just choose the nearest grid node’s border and update his tranform.position immediately


You can uncheck AIPath → constrain to graph.

the problem is the agent will flash out of the current grid node, but if the new grid node is also unwalkable then the agent would stuck at the border of two unwalkable hexagonal grid nodes and never get out himself.

The feature of flashing looks good to me, but I want it to flash to the nearest walkable node, not just flash to the adjacent node which is unwalkable to the agent

nvm, I’ve handled this situation in my code, so no need to waste time on the topic if it is hard to solve