Updating layered grid graph

Hi there @aron_granberg,
I have a thing and I don’t know if that’s expected or not (I hope, that it is not tho ^^).

I have a Layer Grid Graph (on a ship with the top-down camera, to visualize it better) with 2 layers: upper and lower deck. On the lower deck, there are several interactive doors. The doors are updating the graph by calling AstarPath.active.UpdateGraphs(guo);

The problem is that when my character goes to the lower deck I disable the upper deck entirely (along with its collider), so when the graph updates, even with the correct bounds (that only cover a small part of the lower deck) it seems that the height testing is still fired for the nodes on the upper deck because the result is that the nodes that are in the area of the update area of the door (looking top down) are removed from the graph. I tried to specify the constraint for the GraphUpdateObject and constraint it to a given layer but it didn’t work.

Is there any way to overcome this? I would really not go the way of custom logic for handling the doors (like the custom manager & some logic in the traversal provider).