Updating a moving NodeLink between two graphs?

I am using a recast graph on a moving (land) vehicle. Agents spawned (or placed) on successfully navigate the vehicle with ease, including using node links to different levels on the vehicle.

However, I’d like to allow units to “board” the vehicle (while moving) using node links that connect the recast graph and the grid graph for the ground surface. Of course the recast graph isn’t actually moving – as it’s using a local space graph.

What would be the best way to update the nav link that connects the ground and the recast graph?

I was thinking of reconnecting the “end” node of the navLink on some cadence with the ground graph.

Alternatively, I could split up the pathing so they navigate to the moving end node first, (which - once reached will move them into the recast graph space) and then giving them the second part of the path on the new graph. Blech…

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

2020-12-07 18_09_15-NVIDIA GeForce Overlay

I’ve elected to try to update their position as they move (which is constrained by a distance and frequency threshold to reduce how often they need to be refreshed). I’m only updating the node position of the one that moves by re-applying the “Apply()” method, but I think I’m missing updating something so the point graph points to the new position.

Do I need to do a full rescan of that point graph? Is there an easier way to update the connections for that one node without a rescan?

Is this a fools errand? :slight_smile: