Updating A* data based on Vegetation Studio Pro trees, rather than terrain trees


Due to the scale of our maps, we are using VSPro to instantiate vegetation, rather than normal Unity terrain trees as created with something like Gaia.
Is it possible to include the bake data for VSP vegetation when baking the A* navigation data?
We also reshape the terrain at run time and remove existing vegetation (to make way for buildings and structures created by the player) - what is the most efficient way to recalculate the nav data for an area of terrain that has changed at runtime?


There is an option in the VSPro editor to turn on the vegetation colliders. Then generate the A* mesh.
I haven’t got Unity in front of me and so I can’t tell you the name is in the editor.

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Yeah we have these colliders enabled but VSP only enables then for objects close to the camera so they are no use in baking the navigation data sadly

If you bake them into the scene, it should create all of them so that you can generate the A* mesh. You can then delete them. Or in my case, I activate them in a controlled manor, in a multiplayer game to see if they get hit by weapons fire or the shot hits the player.

oh ok - I see this option but thought it was only for Unit NavMesh? So if we bake them, the A* algorithm will pick this up too?

That is correct. It bakes all the vegetation colliders into the scene so A* will see those areas as impassable. But remember to clean them up or disable them afterwards :slight_smile:


awesome! will give that a try, thankyou!