UpdateGraph (DynamicGridObstacle, RecastTileUpdate etc) overwrite GraphUpdateScene

Hi, not sure if intentionally, but it appears, updating the graph with things like DynamicGridObstacle or RecastTileUpdate will overwrite the areas and tags defined by GraphUpdateScene.

Here is an example. the large box has marks parts of the Terrain unwalkable through GraphUpdateScene. The small box has a DynamicGridObstacle attached:

Is it possible to apply the GraphUpdateScene tags and values to the nodes re-created by DynamicGridObstacle? In my humble opinion updating the graph at some nodes should check if inside a GraphUpdateScene, ideally optional by a boolean. Or am I missing something?


Yes, a graph update will in most cases recalculate the entire tile from scratch, which removes any changes the GraphUpdateScene made.

I would instead recommend that you use the RecastMeshObj component and adjust it so that it assigns a tag to the surface of the object it is attached to (this option is only available in the beta version, though). This is much more robust, and will survive a graph update.