Updated A* to 4.2.18 and RecastMeshObject.solid is gone

Hello @aron_granberg.

We just updated to 4.2.18 and we are now getting nav mesh inside meshes we had previously tagged solid using the recastMeshObj script.

I was wondering if that functionally moved to some other component. A quick search of the docs didn’t help.

I didn’t always work, but it was nicer than trying to fill up interiors with things marked unwalkable.

We have lots of teleporting AI that just pick random mesh to move to. We can’t have nav mesh out of the play area.


RecastMeshObj.solid has not existed in the 4.2.x versions. You may have been using the beta version before? You can download the beta at A* Pathfinding Project

We just upgraded to 2021 LTS and my colleague Marc tells me we went back to the stable channel because there was a problem with the RVO controller.

Is that solid functionality in 4.2 anywhere in a different place perhaps?

How hard would it be for us back port it.

The solid functionality is sadly depending on a lot of other features in the beta. Backporting it would be a significant chunk of work.

Often you can increase the ‘character height’ field in the recast graph settings to achieve the same effect. This works for most open levels, but may not work if your game has a lot of interiors.

Thanks again for the support Aron.

never mind! I remember!

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