Update from 4.2.17 to 4.3.81 beta namespace issues

I’m upgrading Unity to 2022.3.10 and Astar from 4.2.17 to 4.3.81. I read the changelog to the beta, and the namespace changes, but i can’t figure out what I need to change in my code. The mentioned namespaces doesn’t match the errors I have.

The type or namespace name ‘Pathfinding’ could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

This relates to this code:

private Seeker seeker; public Path path;

private AstarPath _astarPath;

I also have this issue that was mentioned in the logs:
var graphUpdateObject = new GraphUpdateObject(bound);

It says:

Graph updates for grid graphs no longer call the GraphUpdateObject.Apply method, instead the GraphUpdateObject.ApplyJob method is called. If you have been inheriting from the GraphUpdateObject to make custom graph updates you may need to convert your code so that it works with Burst. TODO: Tutorial.

Any tips here how I do this?


I would expect that you have some other errors. Check for errors before the ones you mentioned.
Did you install it via the package manager?

This code will work just fine. You only need changes if you have created a custom GraphUpdateObject class which inherits from GraphUpdateObject.