Unwalkable nodes range is way too big!

Hi everyone,

so I started yesterday using the A* Pathfinding Project (free version) and I encountered some difficulties. To make it short and clear, I need that my character (the red cyclope on the image) to navigate around a terrain (100W,100H) that contains some obstacles. Obstacles can be either high terrain areas like shown in the example2 of this package or simple gameobjects with “Obstacles” layer like shown in the image bellow:

Like you may notice on the image, the unwalkable node (red radius) range generated by obstacles is way too big compared to the obstacle itself. I tried to change the node size, change the grid dimensions, collision testing diameter etc but nothing seems to work. What am I doing wrong here?! Is this related to the size of my terrain and gameobjects (character and obstacles) ? If yes how to fix this?

Note: the weight capsule has the default size given by unity and it´s present on the scene to give a feel/reference of the size of the whole scene gameobjects (terrain and object).

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration,


Try to reduce the erosion setting.

Hi again,

sorry for the late reply. Actually reducing the erosion to 1 does reduce the size of the unwalkable nodes but after that, the agent (AI) movement seems to be kind of weird or wrong. It keeps stacking on obstacles and also jitter when it perform any movement at close range of obstacles.
Not sure if this is happening because of the tweak made to the erosion setting?!!


Maybe it is hitting against the colliders of the obstacles?