Unnecessary using directive, errors everywhere

So I was just coding and Visual Studio Code said to update it or do something to it not really sure, so I did what it said. After then I see that the Pathfinding directive wasn’t working I scrolled up to see a lot of the A* pathfinding scripts had a lot of errors. All my other code is fine though. Was this a Visual Studio update or something that messed with A*, I’m using Unity 2020.1.8f1 if that helps. If you need more info just reply, thanks!

Hey, this is a update, there is a problem of 407 errors but I’m sure there is one big fix for all of it. Most of the errors are The name “____” does not exist in the current. Do I need to reinstall? It’s halted my progress and really want to continue on my enemies. Thanks!

It sounds like your VSCode plugin for C# might be configured incorrectly. If Unity compiles the code without problems then it’s on the VSCode side.

Thank you so much, needed to reload the plugin. Your a life saver!

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Hey I have the same problem but reloading the plugin doesnt help, any ideas?