Unity Asset Store support

Hi! I’ve bought A* Pathfinding Project from Unity Asset Store and now it continuously asks me for new updates. But as I can see the Asset Store version wasn’t updated and I can’t download updates from this site because instead of updating my version it asks me to buy this asset again. Could you please update the Asset Store version on more regular basis? Thank you!


The newer version is just a slight update over the previous one. I will update the asset store version once I finalise the 3.6 version. You can click the “Ignore this Update” button on the popup to make sure it doesn’t trigger again (however Unity needs to quit “properly” for that to be saved, i.e if Unity crashes, it will not have saved the editor settings).

Could you send me your invoice number in a PM?

Sure! Where can I find it?

Find what?

The “Ignore this Update” button? It should be in the bottom left corner (or at least the bottom part, can’t remember exactly) of the update dialog. It might not be called exactly “Ignore this update”, but something very similar (I can’t remember the exact words I used).

I mean my invoice number :slight_smile:

How exactly are you trying to download it from the website (as you mentioned you tried previously)?
I mean, the invoice number is what you should use for that as well.

Ok, I’ve just found out that I can still download the update from the website if I use the invoice number (pardon me :slight_smile: ), but again - where can I find my invoice number?

Apparently you already have it…
The invoice number is sent to you from Unity when you buy it from the Unity Asset Store. Check the email receipt.

Found it, tried it and it worked! Thank you for help!