Unity 5 support, anytime soon?

we are working on a prototype using Unity 5 and we want to use the A* Pathfinding Project with it. Now there are some issues with the Unity 5 implementation and I need to know: is there an update coming soon? It would be good if you support the Unity 5 beta version already, so we can evaluate A* Pathfinding for our project.


Sorry, I do not have access to the Unity 5 beta yet so I cannot promise that until it is officially released (though it is very probable that I will get my hands on the beta much sooner than that).

If you have any specific issues I could try to address them simply from descriptions of them (e.g exception stack traces or similar).

And also, another user had a problem with the beta, it turned out not to be a problem with the pathfinding system but with unity.
See http://arongranberg.com/vanillaforums/discussion/3156/unity-5-0-issue-pathfinding-works-great-in-editor-but-not-in-build#latest