Unity 4.3 and 2D games, How can I make it work?

Hi! I’m making a 2D top-down game (like old Pokemon games) using Unity 4.3 new features and I desperately need to make your A* Pathfinding Project work on it.

I made a test project to work on it, so far I have created a grip graph like this

I added to my Enemy sprite the Seeker component, AIPath script, Character controller component and the Astar AI script you show us in your get started section

But my Enemy (the red square) falls from the scenario, his Y position goes down and down with negative values, it never ends :frowning:

So please if somebody can help me to make it work I would be eternally grateful :slight_smile:

The script you write in the Get Started section assumes that gravity is supposed to be applied in the -Y direction, so it will fall downwards. You will have to adjust it to not use gravity.