Unity 2019.3 and Integrations

Couple of Quick Questions:
Does your A* Pathfinding Project work with Unity 2019.3 and higher? What about your 4.x update?

Also, does your newest version 4.x version also work with Opsive’s Behavior Designer integration, Elliot and Emerald AI?


Hey, 4.2.10 works with 2017 and higher. 2019.3 included. Though latest unity beta build is not always guaranteed.

There is a page with extensions available here: https://arongranberg.com/astar/thirdparty

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Opsive’s Behavior Designer Movement pack has a* versions available. They work well. Emerald AI’s dev has indicated intention of adding a*pp integration but doesn’t yet support it. As for Elliott, sorry, no idea


Actually Elliot’s asset store page clearly indicates it has a* integration

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Elliot’s store says it does… just trying to confirm with the developer of this forum. Sometimes an asset in the Asset store says it’s integrated and it’s not… or the integration is old.

FYI - The developer of Elliot is coming out with a new version of his asset that works with Unity 2019.3 and higher. It will be a separate assets ie. Elliot 2 and not just an update of his current asset. The current version does not worth with Unity 2019.3

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