Unity 2018.3 isometric tilemap

I have been converting my project from the standard 2D tilemap that had working pathfinding (thanks to Aron) to the new isometric system Unity has put in. After quite a bit of work I got it to be happy-ish pending a few issues.

It took me a pretty long while to get this set up to work correctly, and I really only have two sticky points that would reduce the time I spent.

  1. I had to rotate the grid graph 45º with the Dimetric angle setting to get things to match up. Took me longer than i want to admit to figure that out.

  2. I cant figure out nodesize. If my tiles are 128 X 64 using the guess and check method it looks like a nodesize of 0.453 is what works to keep the grid graph inline with the tilemap, but have no idea why that is? Seems like there might need to be a conversion of some sort that isn’t being taken care of behind the scenes that could be to make everything easier.