Units shaking when approaching each other (RVO)

Hello. We are using a Layered Grid Graph in our project. Recently we added RVO colliders to the gameobjects so we could make use of some kind of avoidance. It works OK most of the time with a few exceptions. When units approach each other, they begin to “shake” as if they couldn’t decide how to get to the target. Is there a way to mitigate this behaviour?

If the unit is not moving, it is locked.


You might want to try the beta version. The local avoidance has changed a bit in that version and I think it will handle these cases better.

See A* Pathfinding Project

Thanks Aron. This latest version fixed the shaking issue I was having. Top class work.

Also, as a fellow SaaS developer I’m so impressed with the diligence and dedication that you’ve shown, for years and years, to what you’ve made here. You’re awesome. Keep up the great work