Units not moving if the frame rate is too low


I’m spawning a lot of units (around 250) around 100 are always visible and the rest are on the other side of the map.
The unit has the following components:
AIPath (2D, 3D)
RVO Controller
Simple Smooth
I’m using A* Pro version 4.2.15

The problem that I’m having is that when the frame rate drops to low (under 20 fps) nothing is moving anymore. I don’t mind that the movement will not be smooth anymore, that depends of course on the hardware that you run the program,.
Any idea on how to fix this or what workaround I should use will be appreciated.

The script for added on the unit is very simple (the wandering ai just a little modified to return a random position around a certain point on the map).

A little more info:
reachedDestination - is true
reachedEndOfPath - is true
hasPath - is true
pathPending - is true

Thank you

Ok, I found the issue, for anyone that will encounter this problem.
What I think it was happening is that the repath rate (0.5 by default) of the AIPath is too low for low fps. I replace that with 2.0 and now everything is working even at 9 fps.