Unit's climb up on each other( change position on y-axis)

Hello, i have next problem:
when my enemy unit’s stay around target they begin go up in each other
Can you help me what i’m doing wrong?

This isn’t a pathfinding problem. Your units are simply getting closer to the point you are telling them to and when they run into something else, the forward force is pushing them up on top of other rounded models/colliders.

I haven’t tried to tackle this issue myself but a few possible solutions come to mind:

  1. Change the endReachedDistance variable on the seeker to something larger so they stop a decent distance away from the target point.
  2. Add a collider trigger to do something different if they run into another character. (path around or something similar?)
  3. Add additional force down on your characters / increase gravity on your characters.
  4. Freeze the Y position of the rigidbody if your units have those.

I’m sure someone else has an actual working solution for this if you do some research but those ideas might get you started finding one that works for you as well.

If you are using capsule colliders or character controllers, increasing the height of them usually helps. That is assuming it won’t cause problems with something else then.